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Massage Therapy Services in Ottawa & Nepean

massage therapy

Massage therapy is a regulated professional treatment in the Province of Ontario and must be performed by a Registered Massage Therapist such as are employed by Pro Care Physiotherapy Ottawa clinic.  These are highly skilled, highly trained individuals that are registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.  They have completed extensive educational requirements, have performed more than 2200 training hours, follow the Regulated Health Professionals Act, maintain liability insurance and have successfully passed rigorous exams from the College.

This therapy targets the soft tissue of the body such as muscles, tendons ligaments and joints.  It is intended to reduce or eliminate pain, discomfort and stress associated with conditions such as acute sport injuries, muscle strain due to over use, and a wide variety of additional afflictions including chronic pain conditions. A short list of these injuries and conditions includes but is by no means limited to:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Depression
  • Sports injuries
  • Gout
  • Herniated disc

There is a growing body of evidence that massage therapy is of considerable benefit to patients suffering from a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. By encouraging natural healing processes massage therapy can actually reduce healing time. Some reports indicate that massage therapy is effective in reducing blood pressure and heart rate after a single session (symptoms of “state anxiety” or the patient physiological reaction to pertinent circumstance). Multiple sessions can aid in the circumvention of such chronic conditions as stress, depression, and pain (trait anxiety).

How exactly does massage work, how much treatment is optimal, and how can it help with specific health problems?  Clinical evidence exists to support the position that massage therapy has proven effective when used as an alternative treatment in cases of lower back pain.  It has also shown itself to be of benefit to patients suffering from cancer; as a form of treatment used to relieve pain and help improve mood.

Aside from its ability to promote healing, massage therapy is also a form of preventive healthcare.  As the demand for alternative treatments to traditional care regimens has increased, research into the different types of massage therapy have shown remarkable promise. RMT’s now have a more, better, and stronger techniques available to restore health and prevent illness and can treat an ever-increasing number of problems and conditions.

The wisest approach to begin a massage therapy program includes checking with appropriate health care experts to make sure it is right for you. Your doctor(s) should always be made aware of the alternative treatments you are using in conjunction with traditional treatments. Ask about the therapist’s training, education, and experience.  Also, explore the treatment path you are about to follow; how many sessions, at what cost? Does insurance coverage apply? And so on.

Massage therapy is meant to be a pleasant and therapeutic exercise.  If it hurts, let your therapist know.  Above all, benefit from massage therapy. Enhance the healing process or manage chronic conditions more effectively to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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