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3 Common Shoulder Injuries

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Shoulder pain can make even the most menial tasks difficult. Here are three common shoulder injuries that should be treated with Ottawa massage therapy before your pain becomes chronic:

Dislocated or Separated Shoulder
Your shoulder can be knocked out of place while playing sports, lifting or even by walking into a doorway forcefully. When you experience a dislocation or separation of the shoulder it can be extremely painful and make it impossible to use your arm. A dislocated shoulder knocks your shoulder ball out from its socket. It can easily be relocated at the emergency room, however it will leave you with damaged ligaments and tendons. Often the pain must be managed with the use of a sling and Ottawa massage therapy can aid in the repair of scar tissue caused by the dislocation.  A separated shoulder affects the ligaments that attach the collar bone to the shoulder. With a separation, a sling and massage therapy can also help avoid your shoulder from ceasing up.

Rotator Cuff Tears
Your rotator cuff basically holds & stabilizes your shoulder in place. A rotator cuff tear is very common in adults and can actually occur simply by the wear and tear of age but can also be due to injury. You can experience a partial tear that does not completely sever the tendon or a full tear that will split the soft tissue into two pieces. It is also commonly known as a full-thickness tear. It can be quite painful and can also make it difficult to conduct simple tasks such as brushing or washing your hair. There are also two types of tears: Degenerative, caused by age, and acute, which can result due to heavy lifting, a fall or impact to the shoulder.

Tendonitis and Bursitis
Conditions ending in” itis” are caused by inflammation. Tendonitis affects the tendons and bursitis affects the bursae, the fluid filled sacks located between muscle, bones and tendons that help to cushion pressure. Tendonitis is caused by “micro” injuries that continue to harm the area over time. With bursitis it can result from micro injuries but can also be caused by trauma. Ottawa massage therapy can aid in easing pain and maintaining range of motion.

A shoulder injury can lead to more debilitating conditions including frozen shoulder that will completely interfere with range of motion. Ottawa massage therapy will help avoid further damage as well as manage pain.


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