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How Physiotherapy Can Help with Lower Back Pain

Your back is one of the most intricate, frequently used parts of the body. If you suffer from lower back pain, physiotherapy can help restore your body to the way … Read more

What Can Be Done for Achy, Painful Feet?

The foot is one of the most complex structures of the human body. Packed with delicate ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones, it must be treated with care to ensure proper … Read more

Three Common Sports Injuries and How to Avoid Them

common sport injury

You don’t have to be a paid athlete to get seriously hurt. A sports injury is any injury that occurs while exercising or playing a sport, whether it’s a friendly … Read more

When a Family Member Sustains a Life-Altering Injury

Life-Altering Injury

The ugly truth about life is that accidents happen to good people. If someone in your family has suffered from a life-altering injury, such as a traumatic brain injury, or … Read more

Are you an athlete and have never received a sports massage?

sports massage

This type of massage is suitable for athletes of all levels, from beginners to professionals. If you often play sports, then massage is recommended, because you may suffer from body … Read more

Physiotherapy & Therapeutic Massage Therapy – The Best Way To Treat Arthritis

wrist arthritis

In Canada, there are many people suffering from arthritis in which pain and stiffness of leg muscles become unbearable. Massage therapy can help relax the leg muscles and reduce the … Read more

What is the difference between Physiotherapy and Massage therapy?

sport injury recovery

Physiotherapy and Massage therapy are both practices used by professionals to improve someone’s well-being and body condition. Physiotherapy is a medical profession applied by registered physiotherapists that provide care to … Read more

Why should I stretch my back on a foam roll?

foam roll

Backaches and neck pains have become quite common nowadays mainly because of desk work. Bending forward to reach the keyboard or straining the neck to work at a laptop or … Read more

Pro Care Physiotherapy’s 4 top tips to help lower back pain

help lower back pain

There are many professionally qualified physiotherapists in Ottawa, who can help you treat all kind of nervous disorders and other body illnesses. You can be assured of best treatment approach … Read more

How Massage Therapy Can Ease Your Back Pain

ottawa massage

Millions of people suffer from back pain every day. For some it is a mild pain and twinges that can occur with certain movements and for others the pain is … Read more

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