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Three Common Sports Injuries and How to Avoid Them

common sport injury

You don’t have to be a paid athlete to get seriously hurt. A sports injury is any injury that occurs while exercising or playing a sport, whether it’s a friendly … Read more

Rookie Weight-Training Mistakes That Lead to Injury

rookie training

No matter what your motivation, there is no wrong reason to get into shape. Whether it’s to look great in a bikini or to improve your overall health, the important … Read more

When a Family Member Sustains a Life-Altering Injury

Life-Altering Injury

The ugly truth about life is that accidents happen to good people. If someone in your family has suffered from a life-altering injury, such as a traumatic brain injury, or … Read more

The Presence of Cervical Spine Stiffness in Patients Suffering From Non-Specific Neck Pain

pain treatment

When patients present with non-specific neck pain, most physiotherapists will start off by assessing spinal joint stiffness in order to treat this problem. This evaluation process has been widely used … Read more

Got in an accident? Get healthy with Physiotherapy

post accident injury

Did you get in a fender bender, or worse? Even in a minor accident like being rear-ended can make you feel sore & stiff; even the next morning. A bruise … Read more

Five Tips to Prevent Injuries While Exercising

how to prevent injuries

For exercise enthusiasts, nothing is more fulfilling like going an extra mile over the limit in your previous exercising session. It feels good to know that you are making progress … Read more

Why should I stretch my back on a foam roll?

foam roll

Backaches and neck pains have become quite common nowadays mainly because of desk work. Bending forward to reach the keyboard or straining the neck to work at a laptop or … Read more

Are you injured? Should you use Ice or Heat for your injury treatment?

injury treatment

Whenever you are injured, you will hear people saying either “put ice” or “use heat compressions.” Hence the use of heat or ice has come down from the ages whenever … Read more

Pro Care Physiotherapy’s 6 top tips on how to stretch your neck muscles?

how to stretch my neck

Correct posture plays an important part in keeping you free from ailments especially neck and back pains. Most of us today work on the computers and have the tendency to … Read more

How do I stabilize a dislocated or unstable shoulder? Dislocated shoulder treatment!

Dislocated shoulder treatment

Every part of the human body has specific functions to carry out. The eyes give you vision, the ears help you to hear, your legs enable you to walk and … Read more

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