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Pro Care Physiotherapy 5 Top Tips to Stay Pain Free this Fall

physiotherapy 5 top tips

With the advent of the winter season, most of the physical ailments seem to increase; joint pains, back aches and all musculoskeletal problems seem to creep up on you. Don’t … Read more

What to look for while searching for a physiotherapy clinic?

physiotherapy clinic

There are various reasons for us to visit a physiotherapy clinic. When there is continuous back pain, neck pain, stiff neck or any condition of the muscles and tissues that … Read more

Why should I stretch my back on a foam roll?

foam roll

Backaches and neck pains have become quite common nowadays mainly because of desk work. Bending forward to reach the keyboard or straining the neck to work at a laptop or … Read more

Are you injured? Should you use Ice or Heat for your injury treatment?

injury treatment

Whenever you are injured, you will hear people saying either “put ice” or “use heat compressions.” Hence the use of heat or ice has come down from the ages whenever … Read more

Pro Care Physiotherapy’s 6 top tips on how to stretch your neck muscles?

how to stretch my neck

Correct posture plays an important part in keeping you free from ailments especially neck and back pains. Most of us today work on the computers and have the tendency to … Read more

How do I stabilize a dislocated or unstable shoulder? Dislocated shoulder treatment!

Dislocated shoulder treatment

Every part of the human body has specific functions to carry out. The eyes give you vision, the ears help you to hear, your legs enable you to walk and … Read more

Pro Care Physiotherapy’s 4 top tips to help lower back pain

help lower back pain

There are many professionally qualified physiotherapists in Ottawa, who can help you treat all kind of nervous disorders and other body illnesses. You can be assured of best treatment approach … Read more

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