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When is it too cold to exercise outside?

Woman running in the snow

In cold weather, in order to be fit and safe we need to be careful about certain things while exercising outside. For people like walkers, skaters, runners and snowboarders, giving … Read more

Tips for getting out of bed more easily, even in the winter!

wake up

Warm bed, blanket and over sleeping are what we all love. It is so much easier to cuddle deep into the covers when your alarm goes off. Getting out of … Read more

The Downside of Wearing High Heels

sport injury recovery

High heels make your legs look slender, long and tight. Wearing heels changes the posture as your chest goes forward and the buttocks upwards. All this has an amazing effect … Read more

Understanding Chronic Pain: The Key to Feeling Better

chronic pain

  In order to understand chronic pain and successfully treating it, we need to see where it originates, why we feel it, and how it differentiates itself from other types … Read more

Physiotherapists vs Chiropractors: Which one should you choose?

Back pain treatment ottawa

Many people faced with the choice, often wonder what a healthcare specialist can & can’t do for them. Moreover, they wonder on whether their conditions are best suited for one … Read more

5 Tips for getting the most out of Physiotherapy

pain treatment ottawa

Physiotherapy is one of the most effective methods of relieving pain caused by sprains, strains and other injuries. A physiotherapist is a university trained health care professional who knows which … Read more

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