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The Downside of Wearing High Heels

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High heels make your legs look slender, long and tight. Wearing heels changes the posture as your chest goes forward and the buttocks upwards. All this has an amazing effect on your body but do you know heels can badly affect your health? Research has shown that prolonged wearing of high heels can cause serious problems. More than 80 percent of women find it difficult to resist a beautiful pair of shoes available at a good price even if it is a size smaller or terribly uncomfortable.

Heels kill more than a person can even imagine. Foot problems in women are caused by extended periods of wearing high heels. Continually bending of the toes, due to wearing of high heels for long hours, in a position, which is unnatural, can result in variety of ailments such as damage to leg tendons or ingrown toenails.

A number of problems occurring simultaneously are due to the increased pressure that high heels put on the ball of your feet. The higher the heel is, the greater the damages on your back and knees.

Below is an infographic that explains the downside of wearing high heels:

high heels

When wearing high heels the posture of the body changes as you try to push your back in order to stand or walk straight. This increases pressure on the inside of the knee which then causes osteoarthritis. The higher the heel the greater the pressure it puts on your knees. Knee joint pressures tend to increase by up to 26%, and the forefoot pressures increase by up to 76%.

One of the downside of wearing high heels is tightening of tendons. Tendon is a flexible but inelastic cord of strong fibrous collagen tissue attaching a muscle to a bone. The tendon is designed as such to be flexible, to enable the foot to lie flat or point. But women who wear heels very often suffer from shortening of the tendon. Once the heel is pointed upwards in an unnatural position, it tightens up and then stretching it again, can cause pain.

Appearance of bunions on women’s feet is also very common. Bunions appear due to the bad fitting of the shoe. This is a bony swelling at the base joint of the big toe. So the next time when you buy heels, try them on before purchasing them. Surely you would not like your feet to get ugly!

High heels with narrow toes can cause nerve thickening. A lump starts to appear on the underside of the foot. It is usually found in between the third and fourth toe and causes numbness and toe pain. This is better known as Morton’s Neuroma.

Research has shown that many women tend to develop hammertoes due to tight fitting heels. Such heels crumple up the toes, which leads to shortening of muscles inside, leaving them bent permanently.

Women are ready to reach to any extent in their quest to always look beautiful and modern. As a result the murderous high heels end up causing health problems. Staying healthy is more important!

Avoid wearing heels on a daily basis and keep them for special occasions. Always make sure the heels you wear are comfortable.

Your feet are your base of support and if your feet are not happy nothing can help!

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