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3 Common Shoulder Injuries

massage therapy ottawa

Shoulder pain can make even the most menial tasks difficult. Here are three common shoulder injuries that should be treated with Ottawa massage therapy before your pain becomes chronic: Dislocated … Read more

How Extra Weight Can Be Hard on Your Body

ottawa physiotherapy

Ottawa physiotherapists assist overweight patients in managing weight related pain every day. When you are overweight you are placing a burden on your body. You have more weight to support … Read more

How to Prevent Text Neck

physiotherapy ottawa

Text neck is an actual condition that has developed with the advancement of technology such as smart phones and other hand held devices. As people have become connected to their … Read more

4 Gentle Ways to Ease Knee Pain

knee pain

Your knees play a key role in your daily activities, unfortunately it is one of the most common complaints your Ottawa physiotherapy clinic deals with. Here are four gentle ways … Read more

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