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4 Gentle Ways to Ease Knee Pain

knee pain

Your knees play a key role in your daily activities, unfortunately it is one of the most common complaints your Ottawa physiotherapy clinic deals with. Here are four gentle ways to ease your knee pain:

Stretches and Extensions
Strengthening your glutes is an excellent way to help lessen pressure and strain on your knees. Your glutes are basically your butt muscles. Hip extension exercises can help strengthen your butt which will allow you to have the proper balance to ease strain on your hips and knees and avoid knee pain and injuries. You can work with your Ottawa physiotherapy clinic to learn how to do proper hip extensions to strengthen your glutes and ease stress on your knees and hips.

Your glutes are not the only muscles that can assist in avoiding strain and knee pain. The supporting muscles for your knees need to be stretched regularly in order to offer the flexibility you need to avoid pain. Stretches, that will keep muscles such as your hamstrings and hip abductors flexible, will allow you to maintain balance in order to avoid strain and stress on one particular area such as the knees. Working with a physiotherapist can help you learn the proper stretches required to keep these muscles flexible.

Toned Core
You always hear about having a strong core, and this refers to the area of your abdominal muscles. A strong core provides support for your back while allowing you to carry your weight more effectively. It will also help you avoid joint compression which leads to knee pain. The good news is you no longer have to depend on those nasty crunches for a strong core. There are many fun ways to strengthen your core from dance based exercises to kick boxing and from pilates to yoga. Slow and steady works very well for core development.

The more excess weight you carry the more stress you put on your knees. If you are overweight each pound you lose will reduce the pressure on your knees by four pounds.

Sensible Shoes
Sorry fashionistas, but those four inch heels aren’t doing your knees any favours. The arch found in high heels is not natural at all, and causes you to put more weight and strain on your knees then needed. Sensible flat shoes or custom orthotics provided bu your Ottawa physiotherapy clinic are highly recommended to help avoid knee pain, and if you must wear heels try and opt for a low kitten heel or wedge.

Your Ottawa physiotherapy clinic can offer expert advice on how to avoid knee pain as well as a treatment plan to assist with any knee pain you might be experiencing.

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