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How Physiotherapy Can Help with Lower Back Pain

Your back is one of the most intricate, frequently used parts of the body. If you suffer from lower back pain, physiotherapy can help restore your body to the way … Read more

Three Common Sports Injuries and How to Avoid Them

common sport injury

You don’t have to be a paid athlete to get seriously hurt. A sports injury is any injury that occurs while exercising or playing a sport, whether it’s a friendly … Read more

Rookie Weight-Training Mistakes That Lead to Injury

rookie training

No matter what your motivation, there is no wrong reason to get into shape. Whether it’s to look great in a bikini or to improve your overall health, the important … Read more

When a Family Member Sustains a Life-Altering Injury

Life-Altering Injury

The ugly truth about life is that accidents happen to good people. If someone in your family has suffered from a life-altering injury, such as a traumatic brain injury, or … Read more

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is great for new mothers

ottawa massage therapy

Giving birth can cause various pelvic floor dysfunctions, such as incontinence or “leaking”. These dysfunctions can however be eliminated through physiotherapy. To treat these problems, the best solution is pelvic … Read more

Why choose Pro Care Physiotherapy as your physiotherapy clinic in Ottawa

pain treatment ottawa

Physiotherapy is one of the branches of rehabilitative medicine which aims to help patients recover, improve and maintain their physical abilities. Physiotherapists treat diseases, injuries or pains by physical means. … Read more

How Physiotherapy Can Help You Recover from a Car Accident

sport injury recovery

A car accident can be a life changing event leading to chronic pain that can often show up weeks after the incident. If you have been in a car accident … Read more

3 Common Shoulder Injuries

massage therapy ottawa

Shoulder pain can make even the most menial tasks difficult. Here are three common shoulder injuries that should be treated with Ottawa massage therapy before your pain becomes chronic: Dislocated … Read more

How Extra Weight Can Be Hard on Your Body

ottawa physiotherapy

Ottawa physiotherapists assist overweight patients in managing weight related pain every day. When you are overweight you are placing a burden on your body. You have more weight to support … Read more

4 Gentle Ways to Ease Knee Pain

knee pain

Your knees play a key role in your daily activities, unfortunately it is one of the most common complaints your Ottawa physiotherapy clinic deals with. Here are four gentle ways … Read more

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