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How Extra Weight Can Be Hard on Your Body

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Ottawa physiotherapists assist overweight patients in managing weight related pain every day. When you are overweight you are placing a burden on your body. You have more weight to support which in turn will place stress and strain on your back and joints, as well as make it more and more difficult to move. Just like carrying a large suitcase or box for a distance can be difficult, carrying extra weight on your body everyday places the same stress and strain on your back and joints whether you are walking, sitting or standing. Here are just a few of the ways weight can make it harder on your body:

Back Pain
Extra weight can place stress on your spine. Whether you are obese or just ten pounds overweight, it can affect the curvature of your spine as well as your body’s overall alignment. This in turn can place uneven stress on your back which makes it difficult for the back to offer proper support. All of these factors work together to place strain on your spine which can lead to inflammation and pain, often in the lower back area. Extra belly fat, especially in women, can be a major cause of lower back pain.

Knee Pain
Your extra weight is like having to carry a large piece of luggage wherever you go and the heavier your weight, the heavier that added burden. Each additional pound of weight you carry actually places four additional pounds of pressure on your knees. Even modest weight gain can drastically affect the pressure you are placing on your knees with each step you take.

Joint Issues
As with your knees all of your joints are placed under more strain as you gain weight. Your hips can be particularly painful with the addition of more and more weight which can drastically affect your ability to remain mobile.

Slower Movement
The more weight you are carrying the more difficult it can become to move about. Larger arms and legs can become cumbersome and many people with weight issues also experience severe chaffing and discomfort when they walk. Because of this discomfort you may move more slowly or not move at all to avoid pain.

Ottawa physiotherapists can work with you to help you become more active in order to assist you in maintaining a healthier weight. This will in turn help you to avoid chronic weight related pain.

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