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Stress Relief

Tips for getting out of bed more easily, even in the winter!

wake up

Warm bed, blanket and over sleeping are what we all love. It is so much easier to cuddle deep into the covers when your alarm goes off. Getting out of … Read more

How Massage Therapy Can Ease Your Back Pain

ottawa massage

Millions of people suffer from back pain every day. For some it is a mild pain and twinges that can occur with certain movements and for others the pain is … Read more

3 Ways You Can Benefit from Massage Therapy

massage therapy ottawa

Massage therapy in Ottawa is becoming a more accepted therapeutic treatment that can aid patients with a number of issues. More and more doctors are encouraging patients to seek massage … Read more

The Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment

acupuncture in ottawa

Acupuncture is not something that all people think of to aid their health conditions with, yet it has been used for centuries to treat illness and pain. You may shy … Read more

What to Expect When Being Treated with Acupuncture for the First Time

Being treated with acupuncture

Many health care professionals recommend acupuncture to help relieve pain or improve function of your body.  Acupuncture is used to treat a variety of medical conditions including, but not limited … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Massage Therapy

benefits of massage therapy

Lower Blood Pressure Approximately 4.6 million Canadians between the ages of 20 and 79 have high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure is a serious medical condition. It is the … Read more

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