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5 Tips for getting the most out of Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapy is one of the most effective methods of relieving pain caused by sprains, strains and other injuries. A physiotherapist is a university trained health care professional who knows which treatment techniques are appropriate for which ailment.

Take the advice of an experienced physiotherapist to ensure that you are getting evidence based treatments. There are some general rules that you should keep in mind to get the most out of physiotherapy. Here are 5 tips for getting the most out of physiotherapy:

  1. Be on time – The physiotherapy treatments takes some time and cannot be conducted hurriedly or in a compressed form, never miss or be late to your appointment.
  2. Choice of clothes – Tight fitting clothes like jeans, full shirts, skirts, etc are not recommended when you visit the physiotherapist. Light and loose clothing is best for exercises and therapies.
  3. Talk to your therapist – If you are suffering from specific pain like knee, back,  neck pain, shoulder strain, etc you have to understand which mode of treatment will be beneficial for you. You may have to continue the prescribed exercises at home on your own, so learn the methods accurately to ensure faster relief.
  4. Follow instructions – Since you are the patient and are in pain, remember to follow prescribed exercises. Do not try out your own methods.
  5. Be sincere – During physiotherapy you have to work hard to regain your lost strength, range of motion, flexibility, etc. In most cases after injuries you feel reluctant and scared to do the exercises rigidly for fear of pain or re-injury. But the fact is that you need to work harder to increase your mobility, be fit and return to your pre-injury level of activities.

To stay healthy and to stay clear from injuries as much as possible you need to lead a controlled life. Living and moving about, without any precautions or thinking that you are strong enough to do anything, is not a good idea. Accidents can happen anytime and might take a serious turn. It is best to visit the physiotherapist and follow his treatment program instructions to get a positive experience out of your physiotherapy.

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