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Pro Care Physiotherapy’s 6 top tips on how to stretch your neck muscles?

how to stretch my neck

Correct posture plays an important part in keeping you free from ailments especially neck and back pains. Most of us today work on the computers and have the tendency to bend in a forward position and thereby the head is not held straight. The neck muscles become weak & stiff due to strain.

There are various ways you should know on how to stretch your neck muscles and thereby decreasing all kinds of neck related pains. Physiotherapy & exercises prescribed for neck muscle stretching is an effective method of relieving muscle pains. You must consult your physiotherapist  to ascertain which exercises are appropriate and safe for you. The ligaments require a steady flow of blood to the tissues and this is possible when the muscles and ligaments that are in line with the neck are stretched appropriately. It promotes a continuous and rich blood supply to these parts of the body and makes the muscles stronger.

There are six types of stretches that you can practice, to improve neck mobility, under the supervision of your physiotherapist. The 6 stretches are namely:

  1. Forward Flexion– This exercise allows the head to bend in front and the chin moves towards the chest. This causes a stretch in the muscles linked to the back of the neck. Retain this position up to 30 seconds or till it is comfortable.
  2. Backward Extension– Hang your head backwards and you will feel a stretch on the front side of the neck and your joints.
  3. Rotation to Right– Keep your shoulders straight facing forward and turn your head to the right. You will feel a pull or stretch on the muscles around your neck.
  4. Rotation to Left– Like the previous exercise, this time do the reverse by turning your head to the left and you will feel the stretch again.
  5. Lateral Flexion to Right– Keep the shoulders straight and hang your head towards the right shoulder. You will experience a pull along the left side muscles of the neck.
  6. Lateral Flexion to Left– Repeat the previous exercise by hanging your head towards the left shoulder in the same way and this time you will feel the pull on the right side muscles around the neck.

If these exercises are practiced correctly you can surely have better neck muscle flexibility and resist injuries and pain easily.

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