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Physiotherapy & Therapeutic Massage Therapy – The Best Way To Treat Arthritis

wrist arthritis

In Canada, there are many people suffering from arthritis in which pain and stiffness of leg muscles become unbearable. Massage therapy can help relax the leg muscles and reduce the arthritis symptoms. A massage therapy session is different than a simple prescription from a doctor. By getting massage therapy, your leg muscles relax which result in the improvement of movement of joints and help stimulate the blood and lymphatic system.

There are many research studies showing that massage therapy has various health benefits and it can help with alleviating arthritis symptoms. According to a recent study, 68 people suffering from knee arthritis were provided with a Swedish massage therapy for a period of 8 weeks. They were compared with a group of individuals who were not provided with massage therapy but were on medication. The group of individuals who had the therapy sessions for 8 weeks recovered quicker; and problems like stiffness, movement of joints and knee pain reduced significantly more than those who were on medication.

Another survey was conducted which included individuals suffering from wrist and hand arthritis. Their pain was relieved by just receiving massage therapy for 15 minutes a day. Even if you are suffering from any other muscle fatigue, a physiotherapist can also treat it with different treatment options such as manual therapy, electrotherapy, and a customized exercise program.

One of the main questions that arises is, how does massage therapy work? By getting a massage, the pressure in the nerves under the skin is reduced. A massage can break down the tissues which are created when a joint is swollen. After getting a massage, the pain in joints is relieved. When you are going through a massage therapy session, the soft tissues are stimulated and the drainage in the lymphatic system is increased. Due to this, the toxins which are present in the body are eliminated. When all this is done, you can move more freely. A massage therapy treatment can even soothe the swollen body parts and increase the circulation of blood. This in turn helps to improve the joint movements.

Arthritis can also cause a person to become stressed due to pain, limited functionality, and other symptoms. An individual suffering from this stress can benefit from massage therapy treatments. With the help of this therapy, the release of hormones is increased and the stress level is decreased which soothes the whole body. Furthermore, anxiety is decreased and the patients suffering from arthritis can feel better. Make sure to contact a certified massage therapist or a registered physiotherapist to help you treat such a problem before it’s too late!

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