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Are you an athlete and have never received a sports massage?

sports massage

This type of massage is suitable for athletes of all levels, from beginners to professionals. If you often play sports, then massage is recommended, because you may suffer from body aches, cramps and some other body pains that might slow you down. Because massage is effective in maintaining muscle flexibility, your training will be optimal. The sports massage therapist knows the wounds of different sports and is trained to intervene clinically and at different moments in an athletic environment: to prepare for the warm-up, between events and recovery.

Get a massage regularly

It is better to add recovery massages in your schedule than to waste valuable time because you’re injured. Each treatment is different and tailored to each customer, but a frequency of once a month is a good base to reduce tensions. A good time to follow up in massage therapy is after training. You want a deep massage, do it during the days of rest. Moreover, a good evaluation allows you to find the source of your stiffness and improve your posture. The aim will be to relieve your tension by eliminating metabolic waste and promote tissue healing. Several types of massages are effective for recovery. The important thing is to find the technique that suits you and relieves you the most.

Sports massage in an athletic environment

The preparatory massage occurs before and between precise moments on the event’s site. The massage technique will be stimulating, energizing, regenerating and consists of short duration: 5 to 20 minutes. It is mainly to warm up your tendons and muscles to avoid injuries such as cramps and improve endurance.

The objective is to improve the comfort and success of the athlete, in addition to optimizing his concentration and reduce anxiety.

Following a sporting event, the recovery massage facilitates cooling, improves circulation and accelerates the return to exercise. Moreover, researchers have shown that the fact of receiving a massage would help reduce inflammation in the muscles. The risk of injury decreases because the massage would act as a natural anti-inflammatory by decreasing the inflammation mechanism. In addition, the massage allows optimum healing of the muscle’s microlesions. You should already have an appointment with your massage therapist in the next few days.

Rehabilitation Massage

Sometimes one is at rest due to injury. Take care of your body using different therapists such as physiotherapists, and massage therapists to allow optimal rehabilitation. Remember that it is possible to accelerate the healing process with different complementary techniques.

Take care and enjoy your massage!

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