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3 Myths About Physical Therapy

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Throughout the world, people begin to experience the benefits of physiotherapy in their everyday lives. However, there are so far a few myths that discourage people to visit a physiotherapist.

Here are the three most common myths about physiotherapy:

  1. The therapy is painful

Physiotherapists tend to decrease the pain of their patients whether it is an acute or chronic pain. They determine the level of pain that you can’t tolerate and try not to exceed that level while helping you achieve a greater range of motion and activity. People who consult a physiotherapist often confess that the work of the result is much more significant than the process itself.

  1. The therapy is only for sick people

Apart from simply stretching and strengthening the weak muscles of the patient, physical therapists are skilled in many other aspects of physical well-being. They can assess and diagnose problems before they become serious handicaps such as: Carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, chronic headaches and back pain also more properly called LBP.

  1. Any person can practice physiotherapy

In Ottawa, many people think that physiotherapy can be administered by any health professional. Some hospital administrators even think that one can become an assistant physiotherapist through practice without having to attend classes. This is fraud and can even cause damage in patients. The person may be prosecuted if treatment goes wrong. Some therapists have received specializations in areas like orthopedics, neurology, sports, health, women etc. There are a lot of specialists around you, you simply need to find the right ones that could take care of you.

Most people don’t even know what physiotherapy can do for you, but if you are dealing with a lot of pain, simply contact us and we’ll help you find the right solution to best relieve those pains.

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