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4 Tips to Recovery from a Torn Rotator Cuff

torn rotator cuff ottawa

Tearing your rotator cuff is not enjoyable as it is responsible for a lot of the everyday motions we use. Specifically, a rotator cuff tear can cause problems when lifting and rotating with your arms. A tear can be a result of a single injury or be due to repeated “micro injuries” that will cause damage over a period of time.

Common symptoms will vary with the severity of your injury and can include mild to severe pain, clicking, weakness and limited range of motion. A severe tear may actually cause less pain if the pain fibres themselves have been torn.

If you are suffering from a torn rotator cuff, an Ottawa physiotherapy clinic can help you regain your range of motion, strengthen and alleviate your pain. Here are four ways to improve your chances of a speedier recovery:

Initial Pain Relief
Using a soft ice pack or a bag of frozen peas is a good idea to get the pain control started. Treatments at an Ottawa physiotherapy clinic will help with alleviating this pain. It is also important that you rest your arm and shoulder to allow the healing process to begin.

When it comes to a rotator cuff tear your doctor will advise you to seek treatment with a physiotherapist as soon as possible. An Ottawa physiotherapy clinic will assist you by offering the required exercises to strengthen your shoulder muscles again. Proper technique for stretching and exercises is a must to avoid further strain or injury. Your physiotherapist will first concentrate on range of motion with onsite exercises and stretching.

Home Exercises
During your treatment at an Ottawa physiotherapy clinic, your physiotherapist will determine when you are ready to continue exercises and stretches at home. Some of the most common exercises you will be expected to perform in order to recover will include Shoulder Blade Squeezes, Pendulum Exercises and Stretches.

As you progress your physiotherapist will increase the number of repetitions and offer more challenging exercises to improve your range of motion and restore scapular control.

Improve Agility and Strength
Once range of motion and scapular control are restored, your physiotherapy treatment will focus on improving your strength and agility.

An Ottawa physiotherapy clinic will play a key role in your recovery from a rotator cuff tear by providing the exercises, guidance and support you require to succeed and heal properly.

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