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5 Common Sports Injuries & Their Physiotherapy Treatments

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Participating in athletic activities can be hard on our bodies, especially as we get older, are ill-equipped, or have not properly warmed up. Here are five common sports injuries athletes look to Ottawa physiotherapy clinics for help:

Plantar Fasciitis
This is caused by repeated stress and strain on your feet and is often a result of improper footwear or poor technique. You are also more susceptible to plantar fasciitis if you have flat feet, are overweight or are constantly on your feet for work or recreation.

The best way to relieve the pain and stiffness of plantar fasciitis is to roll your foot over something small such as a golf ball or water bottle. This will help stretch the fascia. By visiting an Ottawa physiotherapy clinic, athletes can seek further advice and treatment as required to help ease the pain and heal the problem.

Ankle Sprain
A sprained ankle affects the ligaments of the foot and occurs when you “turn or roll” over on your ankle which can cause tearing and bruising. This injury requires the use of the RICE treatment to help reduce inflammation and pain: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. You should also visit an Ottawa physiotherapy clinic to have it further assessed and to find other exercises that can be used to help you recover, diminish the chances or recurring & avoid chronic problems.

ACL Strain
Your ACL is a ligament located in the middle of your knee and is a very common sports injury that is most likely to occur in sports such as soccer basketball and hockey. This injury mainly occurs when you move the wrong way, by hyperextending & twisting your knee.

Treatment does depend on the severity of the situation, and visiting a physiotherapist for assessment of the injury is highly recommended. After assessment a physiotherapist will recommend exercises & treatments required to help you heal and strengthen the area around your knee.

Quad Strain
Quad strains are an issue that can occur when you have not stretched or have pushed yourself too hard. The strain can range in severity from mild discomfort to severe cases where damage requires the use of crutches. Exercises and strengthening will be required to recover from most quad strains.

Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain will be experienced by most athletes at some point and can be caused by any number of reasons. In most cases back injuries occur due to improper form, especially when lifting or shifting position. If you would like to remain active it is important that you seek the assistance of an Ottawa physiotherapist to learn proper techniques, strengthening exercises and stretches that will help you avoid further issues.

If you lead a very active lifestyle a physiotherapy clinic in Ottawa can offer advice on how to avoid injury.

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