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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Ottawa

Physiotherapy is used to assist people recovering from injuries as well as those suffering from chronic pain and disease. It uses a number of techniques to offer pain relief as well as to increase range of motion and improve mobility. Here are six reasons you should see a physiotherapist in Ottawa:

  1. Pregnancy
    As your body changes during pregnancy it is not uncommon to have aches and pains that make your life a little uncomfortable. From hip pain to sciatica issues, physiotherapy can address specific issues during your pregnancy as well as aid in avoiding you have continuing issues once your baby is born.
  2. Sports Injuries
    Sports injuries can range from strains and sprains to actual broken bones. Following an injury it is very important for athletes to seek treatment that will address mobility and allow you to regain your flexibility and range of motion. Many physiotherapists are trained in sports injury medicine and can assist you with getting back in the game more quickly and more effectively.
  3. Chronic Pain
    So many people live with chronic pain but chalk it up to something that comes with age, weight or other health issues. Fortunately, relief is available through physiotherapy. A physiotherapist is trained to identify what is happening and what can be done to assist in relieving your pain. They can provide treatments that will target your pain and even provide exercises you can do at home to help aid in keeping you mobile and pain free.
  4. Accidents
    Whether you suffer from an injury while on the job or are in a car accident and you require rehabilitation in Ottawa, physiotherapy can provide the treatments and exercises to assist you in healing. They can work with a number of issues and help pinpoint what is required to help you feel more like yourself.
  5. Surgery
    Physiotherapists in Ottawa can offer treatment both prior to surgery as well as following surgery. Pre-surgery treatments might involve discussing potential issues such as coughing following chest surgery, or the possibility of developing blood clots. A proper exercise program prior to surgery involving a musculoskeletal injury can help with quicker recovery post-surgery. They can show you what to do to avoid complications and issues. Post-surgery physiotherapy will provide exercises to get you back on your feet more quickly.
  6. Chronic Illness
    Conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease or even arthritis can be made less difficult with treatments and exercises provided through physiotherapy.

Above are six of the main reasons why you should consider seeing a physiotherapist, not only is it used to treat serious injuries, but also annoying or chronic pain and also as preventive measure for recurrent injuries. Call a physiotherapist in Ottawa today to see how they can help you.


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