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How to get rid of your back pain with these 3 simple exercises

Back Extension

Many individuals are suffering from back pain, which is usually caused by a false movement, heavy lifting or long sittings at your desk. Physiotherapy can help cure chronic back pain, however, there are a few exercises you could try at home to alleviate the pain. The back reinforcement exercises are the most effective when it comes to reducing back pain.

There are many exercises you could do for your back but here we will focus on some of the most important workout routines that helps you get rid of your back pain in the shortest amount of time.

Some of the most important backbone exercises, which are necessary for an individual suffering from back pain, are mentioned below:

Breathe Expansion:



When you inhale more oxygen, then it is good for you, especially when you’re lengthening the body at the same time. Breathe deeply and keep your spine strong and straight at all times. Stand with your toes touching while your heels are slightly apart. Then, you will need to shift weight into your heels, unlock them, and slowly pull them towards each other.

Once that’s done, you will need to reach your arms over your head while standing, and slightly press your fingers together. Doing this exercise when you inhale, make sure you lift your ribcage away from your hips. And once you exhale you should tighten the core to support the lengthened spine. You should repeat this routine about 3 to 4 times or until you feel tall and supported.

The Adductor back extension:


This is an aided back extension technique, which is performed over the muscles in the lower back portions. You can use a little support with the help of your inner thighs. You should lie on the ground on your stomach join your legs and feet together and slightly bend your knees, then press your hips and knees to the ground and keep your elbows up and then pull the shoulders down to your hips. Hold on to this position for about 20-30 seconds and then release.

8-point plank exercise:


A plank is the position, which helps you exert pressure on your upper and lower back portion of your body. This position is very simple to perform, you just have to stretch your body in the same way the image portrays it above and lie down on the ground, then you should push your elbows up and then join your legs while pushing your body up on your toes. When you are in position you should hold on for about 30 to 60 seconds.

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