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The Benefits of Custom Orthotics

They weigh little, are made with few materials, and can easily be mistaken for drustore-brand insoles. Custom orthotics, despite their simplicity, are an incredible innovation.

These devices, designed to help align the ankle and foot to an anatomically correct position, can have an astoundingly positive effect on your health.

Here are some of the benefits of using custom orthotics:

Alleviate Foot Pain

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of using custom orthotics. For those who suffer from ailments like plantar fasciitics, claw toes, flat footedness, or general pain in the feet, custom orthotics can do wonders.
Orthotics change the position and pressure applied to your feet, improving your muscle performance and alleviating pain over time.


Custom orthotics are made from a casting of your foot. The position of your tendons, muscles, and bones in your footprint are then used to help create the best orthotics to help support your feet.

Podiatrists also ask questions about your body type and lifestyle when constructing your orthotics.

Improve Other Functions

Surprisingly, orthotics can improve function and remove pain in many areas of the body—not just the feet. With the proper alignment of the feet and lower legs, the entire body shifts to a healthier position.

People suffering from back, knee, neck, and hip pain have shown significant improvement with the use of custom orthotics.

Cures Minor Foot Deformities

For people with mild foot deformities, like bunions or wayward growing toes, rigid foot orthotics are a great option. Designed to control the function of the foot, these devices will help guide your toes in the right direction.

Lightweight and Easy

Unlike weight training or physiotherapy, custom orthotics are easy and lightweight—all you have to do is walk to make them effective. Orthotics, which are usually made out of plastic, graphite, and silicone, are extremely lightweight.

Despite their size, these devices can withstand your body weight without issue and often come with a warranty of several years. Accidents or breaks involving work with a shovel, however, are generally not covered.

They Last for Years

Although the initial cost of orthotics can be pricey, ranging anywhere from $200 to $600, the devices can last for years if taken care of properly. For a lesser fee, you can choose to have your orthotics re-fabricated if you notice that they’re looking worn.

When you have chronically sore feet, it can be hard to focus on anything else. If you experience mild to severe pain in your feet, legs, back, hips, or neck, you may want to consider getting custom orthotics, or speaking with physiotherapist.

At Pro Care Physiotherapy, we will work with you to alleviate your pain and help you adjust your lifestyle to prevent further injury. For more information, or to book an appointment, contact us today.

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