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Exercises and Activities for the Recovering Athlete

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Getting injured while striving toward a fitness goal can be more annoying than painful. It means that your activities will have to slow down or stop altogether, which has a way of derailing your plans. If you’ve recently suffered an injury that requires long-term rest or rehabilitation, we at Pro Care Physiotherapy encourage you to continue to stay active. As long as the activity is approved by your physiotherapist, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t continue to get your daily exercise and stay fit. Here are safe and low-impact exercises that burn calories and strengthen muscles.


Since the very act of staying afloat burns calories, swimming is the ultimate way to stay fit for people who are overcoming a recent injury. Hydrotherapy is a common method used for treating chronic pain associated with injury, in part because water supports the body’s weight as you move through it. Ask any physiotherapist anywhere in the world, and they’ll tell you that swimming is the most beneficial exercise for people with any type of physical injury. The fact that it’s a giant shock absorber means your joints are protected even as your muscles are working hard against water’s natural resistance. Take a trip to the beach or plunge into a backyard pool to stay active and take it easy on your injury.


Let’s be clear: yoga can be extremely challenging and hard on your joints. There are many poses that require intense knee and back bends, so we definitely don’t recommend you do this if you’re injured in those areas. We suggest light yoga classes that focus on breathing and proper alignment. Be sure to tell the yogi about your injuries before the class starts, as they’ll likely provide you with alternative poses. Try Hatha or Kundalini yoga classes, which are challenging but less intense than Bikram and Ashtanga.

Low-Impact Cardio

Cardio exercises are essential for burning calories, getting your heart pumping, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There’s always a good reason to bike, rollerblade, dance, and kayak. Depending on your injury, you may want to stay away from certain exercises. Low-impact cardio is meant for beginners or people with injuries, so it’s designed without the use of jumping, stomping, or bending. But don’t be fooled: if done right, you can really work up a sweat. Ask your physiotherapist about low-impact cardio exercises.

Walking and Climbing

Use your own environment to challenge yourself. Strap on a pair of high-quality sneakers and just start walking. Treadmills and ellipticals are perfect when the weather isn’t so great or you’re in a bit of rush to finish your workout, but walking and hiking outside in the summertime is good for the mind and body. Climbing stairs is a simple, free, and low-impact activity that’s easy on your ankles and legs. Instead of stairs, take a hike. You may be huffing and puffing by the end of this activity but you’ll accomplish a very substantial workout. We guarantee you’ll feel the burn tomorrow.

Physical Therapy Comes First

Before you start designing your workout schedule, it’s important to speak to your physical therapist first. At Pro Care Physiotherapy, we understand that sports injuries are a real nuisance and can affect your quality of life. We will do everything to help achieve your fitness goals without slowing down the healing process. Physiotherapy is proven to accelerate recovery in sports injuries. If you suffer from chronic pain or injury and live in the Ottawa area, contact Pro Care Physiotherapy today.

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