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Five Common Physiotherapy Myths Debunked

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1. Physiotherapy Has No Scientific Backing and is simply an Art

Wrong:  The use and effectiveness of physiotherapy is undisputed and has been supported by thousands of scientific studies. Quite a number of Universities can today offer programs up to doctorate levels in physiotherapy, strictly focusing on offering scientific proof on the effectiveness of using modern-day physiotherapy practices.

By thoroughly analyzing hundreds of some of the best scientific articles on the topic, there are some important guidelines that strongly support physiotherapy practices for the treatment of back and neck pain and other parts of the body. These guidelines can be used by therapists all over the world, in order to remain informed on the best practices.


2. Physiotherapist Don’t Spend Much Time On Patients, Instead Rely on Machines

Wrong: If you’ve heard that physiotherapists only spend five minutes before strapping machines on you during your appointment, just know that it is a false assumption. The truth is, we still have discrepancies on the level of professionalism even though professional associations exist to guarantee high standards with the national board examination. We just have a few individuals who mess up the reputation of the whole profession. You should therefore expect at least fifteen minutes with your physiotherapist entirely focusing on education, examinations, management strategies and hands-on treatment without feeling like your time is being wasted. Choose wisely and don’t waste your time with bad or lazy therapists.


3. Only Acute Injuries Require Physiotherapists’ Attention.

Wrong: Physiotherapists are capable of treating a number of injuries, ranging from acute to chronic. This means that your current need will determine your interaction with the therapist. There are cases where chronic injuries are accompanied by other complications like muscle imbalances, bad postural habits or just beliefs about your problem, which will call for closer and additional attention. You must therefore have a comprehensive conversation with your therapist about all important aspects of your healing like what you have to do, what should be avoided and steps to follow, in order to heal faster.

It is important to note that injuries don’t heal in a similar fashion; some take longer time to heal than others. In some cases, surgery or even extra medical alternatives may be necessary. The nature of the intervention that your therapist recommends will be based on the nature of the injury and through close and regular monitoring of the progress.


4. Physiotherapy Treatment is Restricted to Muscles, Ligament Or Tendon Related Problems.

Wrong: Apart from specializing in diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies in any area of the body, therapists are encouraged to pursue advanced trainings in other medical areas like mental imagery for chronic pain, vestibular rehabilitation, pelvic floor rehabilitation for urinary incontinence, among others.

What most people fail to understand is that, there are many healthcare experts that are rarely known to the public; osteopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists, you name it. Great therapists wouldn’t mind referring you to a different professional upon discovering that you require extra medical attention, which they cannot handle.


5. Physiotherapy is Not A Permanent Remedy But a Short-term Fix.

Wrong: Physiotherapists are best distinguished from other healthcare practitioners due to their wide-ranging training in exercise prescription. They are coaches and can enable you to attain a self-sufficient position in the management of your symptoms. Additionally, it is the duty of your physiotherapist to support you in adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Your body’s ability to heal as expected can significantly be affected by factors such as excessive body weight, poor eating habits, damaging habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, and many more. Adopt a healthy lifestyle this coming year and you may just forget about your chronic pain.

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