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Improve Your Posture with 5 Simple Exercises

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Extended sitting, standing and lack of physical activity can easily ruin your posture.  If you have lately experienced that you are slumping forward, it means your body is in stress and strain.

For all those individuals who have bad posture problem, here are 5 exercises that you can work on throughout your life for attaining the right posture. Once your posture is corrected, you will say hello to walking tall again.

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Hand on your back

Just as you stretch while sitting, sit up tall and keep your pelvis straight. Place the back of your hand on your back.

Carefully stretch your shoulder blades towards the spine and then gradually lift your hand from your body.

Repeat this 15 times with each arm.


Be the Seated cobra
Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.11.42 PMStraighten up your pelvis and put your hands on the pelvis bone keeping the fingers stretched. Your pinkies should be touching the mid of the spine. Now with your hands, offer support to your lower back and reach to the position of upright posture.

Tuck your chin in your chest and gradually move backwards opening your chest. You will feel a slight stress in your collar bone while doing this. Be sure to be gentle and slow.

While being in this position, hold for two to three breaths. Do two sets of two repetitions.


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.11.50 PM

Bend to the side

Take your right arm above your head, and bend your elbow slightly. You will have to act as if a string is pulling you from your crown. Do this until you feel your spine has lengthened. Now gently lean yourself to the left, and let this bend come from the ribs.  It would be like your right ribcage has opened as the left one has closed.

When you have successfully reached the final position, hold for three breaths. Try to maintain balance between the hip bones. Repeat three times on each side.


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.26.36 PMSit-down rolling  

Sit and tuck your chin pretending that you are holding a ball between your chest and chin. Bend forwards but don’t let the pelvis move back. Pretend that you are rolling the ball down from your chest to the end of your ribcage.

If your pelvis moves, stop the movement instantly. Hold for three breaths at this position.

Roll back and do two repetitions, and you can hold your breath each time in between.

Stretch your Pectorals

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.12.13 PMSit on your desk and raise your arm by keeping your pelvis straight. Your elbows should be at the position of 90 degrees. As you do this, you will feel a stretch at your chest.

Be sure that your ribs don’t pop out.

Raise your arms slowly and melt your shoulder blades reaching your back till you feel your fingers are touching. Keep your fingertips in contact as you take your hands behind your head. Make sure you don’t touch your head. Do not let your ribs or shoulders rise.

Unwrap this and repeat it three times.

With these simple exercises, you can see improvements in your posture. Those who had backaches because of their posture will also feel the difference. However, if you still feel back pain after following these 5 exercises, you would need to consult a physiotherapist for extensive treatment.

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