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Keep your Knee joints healthy for a better quality of life

knee pain

It is important to keep your knees healthy for a better quality of life. They are one of the most important parts of our body that allows us to stand tall as well as upright. Damage to the knees can hinder your daily life activities. If you have chronic knee pain due to arthritis or if you are suffering from any knee injuries, you should get your knees assessed by a registered physiotherapist.

Knee pain can lead to serious damages in the future. Whether you are feeling chronic mild pain or occasional knee soreness, you should consult a physiotherapist, as soon as possible,  in order to get rid of your knee pain. Physiotherapy is a proven way of managing body pains – it is safe, harmless and side effect free.

A physiotherapist gives you tips & suggests a treatment plan to keep this important part of your body healthy. We will consider some of them here:

  • Massage and Heat or Ice: This is a temporary solution that will not have any direct effect on the problem. It will calm your knees after your activities. Stretching & using a hot water pad will help keep the knees flexible.


  • Strengthening of the quadriceps: The quadriceps affects the knees to a huge extent. The reason behind this is the enormous amount of pressure exerted by the muscle group on the knees. A good exercising routine from a physiotherapist will make wonders.


  • Stretching exercises: Hamstrings, quadriceps & calf muscles need a good amount of stretching for flexibility. A physiotherapist will help you set up an exercise routine to prevent your muscles from tightening up over time.


  •  Importance of muscle balance: Muscle balance is an important aspect of healthy knees. Imbalanced & tight muscles can lead to knee cap mal-tracking. Over time this problem will cause pain & arthritis.



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