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How Massage Therapy Can Help Treat Fibromyalgia

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The pain associated with fibromyalgia (FM) can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Pain in your joints, back, neck and even a feeling of “pain all over” can begin with a burning sensation and even lead to pain that becomes much like a stabbing sensation. Deep pain can cause issues with range of motion as well as lead to numbness due to poor circulation. All of these symptoms can be greatly improved with the use of an Ottawa massage treatment plan.

Symptoms of FM

If you suffer from FM you will feel prolonged pain in generalized areas which can be followed with stiffness. Stiffness is most common upon awakening as well as prior to bed. You may also suffer from fatigue and have difficulty sleeping which can lead to weakness. Tingling, numbness and even depression and anxiety can be symptoms of FM. It can be terribly painful to get around and, for some, the extreme fatigue can interfere with their ability to work. Your social life can also be affected.

Massage Treatment

Massage offers an excellent option for patients with FM as it works in reducing muscle tension and can alleviate pain. Massage also assists with circulation to aid with symptoms of numbness and tingling. If you have issues with anxiety, stress and depression a massage by a registered massage therapist in Ottawa can also aid in assisting with mood by releasing natural pain relieving and mood enhancing endorphins. You will also sleep better as you will be in a more relaxed state following a massage.
Researchers at the University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute showed that as little as 20 minutes of moderate-pressure massage helped increase serotonin and lessen the flow of chemicals that cause pain. These same chemicals also cause stress. Massage patients saw improvements to tender point pain as well as feeling less emotional issues such as anxiety and depression. Sleep and stiffness were also much improved.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of fibromyalgia, an Ottawa massage treatment plan can be very effective in improving your range of motion, pain and anxiety.

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