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How Physiotherapy Can Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness, pain and pins and needles in your hand and wrist due to pressure on your median nerve. It is often the result of repetitive hand movements common for people who use computers or are “gamers” but it can also result from pregnancy and other health conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. One of the most effective treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome is physiotherapy which would include:

Focused Treatment
An Ottawa physio clinic will focus on reducing the pressure in the carpal tunnel. Your physiotherapist can provide a treatment plan that will focus on lessening inflammation and also give you tips on how to reduce the pressure you are placing on your median nerve each day.

Exercise and Stretching
During your Ottawa physio sessions you will be given various exercises and stretches that will help to open the carpal tunnel. There are many nerve and tendon gliding exercises they can teach you to help restore unrestricted nerve motion. You will also have to work on the extension of your muscle and soft tissue. As pain begins to ease your Ottawa physio sessions will begin to focus on forearm, upper limb, wrist and hand strengthening as well as grip and pinch exercises and thumb abduction.

Rest and Lifestyle
As with most injuries it is important for you to try to rest your hand and wrist and this can be difficult if you use your hand for everyday work tasks. You require as little repetitive hand motions and heavy grasping as possible. As well working with your wrist bent down or out can continue to cause pain and inflammation. Further irritants to carpal tunnel syndrome include smoking, caffeine and being overweight. Your doctor or physiotherapist might recommend you reduce your caffeine intake as well as your weight. Other lifestyle changes would include quitting nicotine use.

Your Ottawa physio clinic might recommend a wrist brace if you are unable to avoid using your hand and wrist in order to decrease symptoms. Braces will keep your carpal tunnel as big and open as possible which lessens pressure on the nerve. It will also reduce pain and numbness during the night. Sleeping with the brace can keep your hand in a comfortable position to avoid further irritation and inflammation.

As you can see Ottawa physio clinics can offer relief from your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and improve movement and flexibility.

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