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Five Ways to Reduce Chances of Getting Injured


As professional physiotherapists, people always ask us if there are any proven methods that would help reduce the chances of injuries while working out. Well here are five ways that can help them do so.

  1. Proper Warm-Up

Before starting your exercise routine, make sure you warm up properly so you can exercise safely. The warm up exercises can vary such as jogging on a treadmill or even bike pedaling for a few minutes; these exercises will help you increase blood flow in your body. The progression of the warm-up should be from low to high intensity. A proper warm-up will help reduce the risk of injuring your muscles during your physical activity.

  1. Avoid Over Working Your Muscles

Adding different exercises such as sprinting, aerobic, lifting and plyometric into your workout routine is an effective way to change up things. The best way to perform an injury free routine is to try out a heavy weight exercise one day and then perform a lighter exercise the next day. This will put less stress on your body & give your muscles time to recover.

  1. Conditioning and Strength Ideologies

The strength and conditioning ideologies should be followed in order to improve and empower the body. Keep yourself up to date with the new researches & guidelines concerning these type of exercises in case you don’t have a coach. Getting advice from a professional physiotherapist would be beneficial to start this off. The conditioning and strength program is created by professionals so you need to make sure you know all about it. Avoid lifting extremely heavy weights as they increase the risk of getting injured.

  1. Proper Techniques For Your Workouts

Performing Squats is not difficult at all, but the quality efforts you put into it can affect it. If knee caving is prominent while lunging then the gluteus muscles are said to be weak which enhances chances of getting injured. When you know the proper techniques of your workout you will be able to reduce your chances of getting injured.

  1. Focus on the Right Recovery

It is very important after a vigorous workout to give your body the right amount of rest & the needed nutriments to recover. Without this you put your body at risk of injuries. Make sure to consult a registered physiotherapist if you experience any pain or discomfort working out. The earlier you seek professional help the quicker the recovery & the less chances of causing further injuries by means of over compensation.

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