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Swim the Pain Away: How Swimming Can Speed Up Physiotherapy


Swimming is a relaxing and joyful pastime adored by people of all ages. From surfing the waves to splashing around in a wading pool, people always love a good swim. But did you know that swimming, or hydrotherapy, could useful in your physiotherapy? Thanks to your body’s unique buoyancy, swimming is a helpful and relaxing exercise that may help your body heal faster from your injury or illness. Here are some positive benefits to incorporating swimming into your physical therapy.

Swimming for Back Pain

Swimming is a unique form of physical exercise because there is little to no impact on your body. By bobbing in the water, your entire back, spine, and neck will feel supported, allowing your muscles to relax and loosen. If you suffer from back pain, speak to your physiotherapist about swimming exercise that will help target the pain. To help ease the tension and pain in your back, try floating on your back and performing strokes that don’t require twisting or bending.

Swimming for Knee and Joint Pain

In water, your body will always fight to stay afloat, which is called buoyancy. Because of your body’s buoyancy, your bones, muscles, and joints will not feel the hard impact of exercise as gravity drags you down. Running, cycling, weight-lifting, and other organized cardio activities put a major strain on your muscles, joints, and bones, which is a major factor in knee and joint pain. Knee pain can significantly impact your ability to stay active and exercise, therefore, swimming may be recommended by your physiotherapist. Although it may not feel like it, swimming offers a safe and highly resistant workout, which is ideal for strength training. Don’t feel like you’re getting the workout you’re used to? Due to the water’s cooling effect, you may not feel like your body is working up a sweat, but trust us, it is!

Swimming for Stress Management

Stress can lead to muscle spasms, which are painful and uncomfortable. Swimming is proven to relieve physical and mental stress. While stress should be mitigated by eliminating the stressors in your life, a holistic approach to stress management, like acupuncture, meditation, and swimming, could significantly reduce your stress levels. Swimming is a relaxing and calming exercise, and the simple act of floating on your back may help lower stress levels and ease tension in your muscles. Swimming is proven to reduce pain caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Swimming for Fun!

Swimming has so many positive associations. Many people spent their childhood summers within a few feet of a pool, lake, or beach. Swimming is an activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Swimming can be a time to practice your breaststroke or a moment to share with friends and family. The beauty of this form of exercise is that you can take it as seriously as you want, and even while you’re splashing around and playing an intense round of Marco Polo, your body will still enjoy the benefits of being submerged in water.

Pro Care Physiotherapy in Ottawa creates customized treatment techniques that often involve hydrotherapy. Contact us today to discuss your physical therapy needs.

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