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Why choose Pro Care Physiotherapy as your physiotherapy clinic in Ottawa

pain treatment ottawa

Physiotherapy is one of the branches of rehabilitative medicine which aims to help patients recover, improve and maintain their physical abilities. Physiotherapists treat diseases, injuries or pains by physical means. … Read more

Physiotherapists vs Chiropractors: Which one should you choose?

Back pain treatment ottawa

Many people faced with the choice, often wonder what a healthcare specialist can & can’t do for them. Moreover, they wonder on whether their conditions are best suited for one … Read more

What to look for while searching for a physiotherapy clinic?

physiotherapy clinic

There are various reasons for us to visit a physiotherapy clinic. When there is continuous back pain, neck pain, stiff neck or any condition of the muscles and tissues that … Read more

How Physiotherapy Can Help You Recover from a Car Accident

sport injury recovery

A car accident can be a life changing event leading to chronic pain that can often show up weeks after the incident. If you have been in a car accident … Read more

How Physiotherapy Can Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

ottawa physio

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness, pain and pins and needles in your hand and wrist due to pressure on your median nerve. It is often the result of repetitive hand … Read more

5 Tips for Recovering from an ACL Surgery

ACL recovery

Many athletes as well as those who are very active may sometime in their life require anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery. This is a common knee procedure required for athletes who have … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Physiotherapy

All About Physio in Ottawa

You may have noticed more and more physiotherapy clinic’s opening around your neighbourhood, this is because physiotherapy is a universal treatment that helps with many mobility issues, impairments and disabilities … Read more

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